Trends Helping CSOs Save (and Gain) Resources

Image of Trends Helping CSOs Save (and Gain) Resources

Combining philanthropic forces lets both grantors and grantees be more efficient and impactful and, according to members of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, several other trends are helping CSOs save (and gain) resources in other ways. Here’s our top five takeaways from their list:

1. Recruit and retain staff good staff by giving employees or contractors flexible schedules, part-time or project-by-project roles and hybrid or remote options

2. Strengthen your CSO’s overall position by merging with similar CSOs to combine complementary offerings, or team up with competitors when fundraising

3. Diversify sources and methods of funding, including: partnerships with companies to deliver meaningful social change; seeking larger donations; being able to accept Donor Advised Funds (a DAF account allows for immediate donations and tax benefits with grantees chosen at a later date); using social enterprises or impact investing for revenue-generating activities that align with your CSO’s mission

4. Adopt new technology such as AI, cryptocurrency and other technologies, and anticipate how these developments will impact your people, culture, systems and strategy

5. Experiment with marketing such as podcasts, round tables and telethons, and target your efforts based on demographics of each social media channel

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