More People Donating to CSOs, Helping Strangers and Volunteering

Image of More People Donating to CSOs, Helping Strangers and Volunteering

Based on data from Gallup’s World View World Poll—conducted in 100+ countries—the 2022 World Giving Index by the Charities Aid Foundation shows positive developments in philanthropy despite the pandemic and its economic impacts. In addition to a breakdown and highlighting of these trends by country, the Index found that in 2021, in the three major areas it monitors:

• 23% of people volunteered, up from 19% in 2020
• 35% report donating to CSOs (the survey’s highest number thus far)
• 62% adults helped someone they didn’t know, the survey’s highest recorded level up from 55% in 2020

The Index also makes the following recommendations to enable cross-border and local giving:

• Governments should regulate CSOs in a fair, consistent, open way
• Giving should be easy and include incentives
• CSOs should ensure good governance and transparency about their impact, engage local communities in decision-making and build on traditional forms of giving
• Civil society should be promoted as an independent voice and CSOs’ right to speak out on important issues affirmed
• International funders should: support infrastructure that can generate
(post-aid) funds for civil society; give locally to improve aid’s accountability and efficiency; and help grantees build ongoing domestic support


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