More Funding for Brazilian CSOs Expected Despite Economic Challenges

Image of More Funding for Brazilian CSOs Expected Despite Economic Challenges

Citing recent studies and trends on giving in Brazil, the Institute for Development of Social Investment (IDIS) believes technology and cultural receptivity will increase CSO donations despite the economic challenges faced by average Brazilians.

Over the period of 2015-2020, Brazilians dealt with socio-economic crises and the Covid pandemic, which further exacerbated the gap between wealth and poverty. As average Brazilians became poorer and more concerned about their future, they made fewer donations to CSOs, although those who could afford to do so increased their giving. When donations were made, the majority were in cash, with only 17 percent of donors saying they had made some kind of contribution online.

At the same time, however, the growing availability of technology tools—such as giving platforms, tax-free instant bank transfer methods (PIX), giving buttons, crypto giving and live social media events—made it easier for CSOs to both demonstrate accountability and receive funding. As CSOs use these tools to communicate their social impact more effectively, they increase the perception that they are problem solving. Moreover, the empathetic and supportive culture of Brazil is compatible with a growth in giving. Once the economic situation improves, and with greater knowledge and an understanding of new (online) models for enabling donations, IDIS expects the sector to rebound and flourish. CisoRise seeke to help catalyze this shift through its platform.


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