How CSOs Can Digitalize the Workplace

Image of How CSOs Can Digitalize the Workplace

It's important that organizations create a conducive environment for their digital transformation. If your CSO is introducing technology—including online transparency—into the workplace, the Forbes Nonprofit Council suggests the following ways to make such changes and upgrades easier to adopt (we've boiled down their 12 recommendations to five):

1. Assess your CSO's needs, survey the tools available for making daily experiences better, be flexible regarding each employee’s pain points and solutions, and emphasize how tools reduce workloads and increase efficiency

2. Educate and train staff on new technology, for example through platform-specific tutorials, routine discussions about technology trends (what's working and what's not) and weekly seminars with guest speakers

3. Ensure the availability of excellent, kind and quick technical support

4. Understand which functions technology can replace or bolster and which functions require a human solution (brainstorming, building relationships with funders, assessing social impacts), staying focused on your mission rather than technology adoption as the goal

5. Use new technology as an opportunity to see what else you can change operationally and business-wise in your organization at the same time you're embracing digital practices



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