“Digitally Mature” Nonprofits More Resilient

Image of “Digitally Mature” Nonprofits More Resilient

According to Salesforce’s latest Nonprofit Trends Report, “digitally mature” organizations—ones that use technology to enable innovation, collaboration, productivity and wellbeing—also build human-centered workplaces and are more resilient to burnout and turnover. Yet their survey of 1600 nonprofit leaders across seven European and North American states, shows that while most think digital transformation is critical, they are hindered by budget or resource constraints and competing priorities.

By offering a platform integrating visibility (effective websites) with transparency (an easy-to-use online module for compliance), CiSoRise aims to help change that equation.

Other specific benefits of digital maturity, according to the report, include stronger stakeholder relations, greater progress on goals, such as DEI and climate change, and motivated employees. Mature organizations also:

  • Train employees on new tech and how it helps goals
  • Cultivate a mindset of change and tech adoption (even if falling short of maturity)
  • Strengthen relations with donors, not just program participants
  • Apply their (Covid-catalyzed) agility to strengthen relationships, create healthier and more motivating workplaces
  • Understand that when people and technology work in harmony, the impacts can be profound
  • Maintain a positive digital mindset

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