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“Digitally Mature” Nonprofits More Resilient image

Nov 22, 2023

“Digitally Mature” Nonprofits More Resilient

A survey of 1600 nonprofit leaders in Salesforce’s latest Nonprofit Trends Report shows most think digital transformation is critical but are hindered by budget/resource constraints and competing priorities. A majority are focused on fundraising but almost a third find organizational visibility to be a challenge. We aim to help solve this problem by offering a platform that integrates visibility (effective websites) with transparency (easy-to-use, online compliance module) to make awareness and fundraising easier.

 New Ways to Lead Nonprofits image

Nov 11, 2023

New Ways to Lead Nonprofits

Catalyzed by the pandemic, new models of leadership are (like new ways of philanthropic giving) bringing innovation to the third sector. In the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy’s 2023 report on philanthropic trends, Mandy Sharp Eizinger and Tory Martin draw on the experience of foundation representatives to describe leadership that makes CSOs more mission-driven and durable.

Improving Your CSO's Operations image

Jun 13, 2023

Improving Your CSO's Operations

CSOs are critical actors in achieving social impact and in building vibrant communities. While many are under resourced, leaders can still take steps to improve their CSOs' effectiveness. As food for thought, we’ve consolidated the Forbes Nonprofit Council’s recommendations for improving CSO operations.

Four-Day Workweek Reduces CSO Burnout image

Jun 09, 2023

Four-Day Workweek Reduces CSO Burnout

Mind The Gap Consulting’s guide details the benefits of the four-day workweek for CSO leaders, including a roadmap, and options for shifting to this model while keeping productivity and social impact.

Launching a Non-Membership CSO: Four Actions to Take image

Jun 08, 2023

Launching a Non-Membership CSO: Four Actions to Take

While membership-based CSOs derive their budget from annual dues, launching a CSO that serves a broader public has different funding challenges. Here's what we recommend to help CSOs grow through public funding, individual donations and foundation or company grants.

Sabbaticals Help Prevent CSO Burnout image

Jun 08, 2023

Sabbaticals Help Prevent CSO Burnout

Preventing CSO Burnout never goes out of style! The Durfee Foundation's 2017 findings that sabbaticals help CSO leaders stay engaged and productive is increasingly relevant.