Supporting Turkish CSOs in Quake Response and Beyond

Image of  Supporting Turkish CSOs in Quake Response and Beyond

In the aftermath of Turkey's earthquake, Turkish CSOs are working with the government on issues like shelter, hygiene conditions and the clearing of collapsed buildings. However, according to Rana Kotan of the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, once the post disaster aid from domestic and international sources has been dispersed and volunteers return home, local nonprofits will be needed for long term restoration of the region. The independent sector must grow to realize community development, permanent housing, schools and hospitals, etc. and philanthropy should support grassroots organizations to make this happen. In the meantime, the Foundation recommends the following reforms of public institutions to help CSOs now:

• Loosen regulations concerning CSOs, especially regarding the collection of aid and restrictons on foreign donations, and facilitate CSO cooperation for a more effective response

• Reform tax legislation related to foundations and associations, and incentives for increasing individual and corporate giving, to cover the entire civic space beyond public institutions and specific CSOs

• Learn more about the urgent needs of local CSOs in and around the earthquake zone and the CSOs who support them, and provide requested support

• Transparently share official information and statistics requested by all CSOs helping vulnerable groups affected by earthquakes, and cooperate with them without discrimination

• Develop long-term relations with CSOs in the field to coordinate disaster responses

• Relate to civil society as equal stakeholders and develop participation and cooperation mechanisms to actively maintain relationships

• Regulate the declared State of Emergency in the earthquake zone through laws, not decrees, and do not extend it


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