When CSOs gain trust among individuals, communities, companies, foundations and governments, they can scale social impact. Whether assisting vulnerable populations, preserving the environment, promoting the arts or advocating for other important causes, CSOs remain fundamental to advancing shared interests. We created our platform because we believe technology should serve humanity.

Empowering civil society to thrive

Starting in Brazil

Our Brazilian-born Founder developed our technology based on his experience with Brazilian CSOs that were in need of an online presence, transparency and digital fundraising tools. Soon after testing his initial product in Brazil, he was joined by a co-founder familiar with the challenges faced by CSOs and—between Copenhagen and San Francisco—CiSoRise was created as a social enterprise. While our current focus is Brazil, given the worldwide movements for social impact and for transparency, we aim to grow global.

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Core values

Core values

01 Empathy

We seek to understand and address the challenges and needs of the organizations we support

02 Integrity

We keep our word and maintain the highest ethical standards in our services

Core values

03 Creativity

We stay flexible and innovative 
in how we implement solutions

04 Collaboration

We work closely with our platform users and partners to empower civil society