Rising Civil Society Organizations’ fundability through effective websites that are compliant with transparency laws.

Empowering Civil Society to Thrive

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) need to communicate their social impact and build trust to grow. Our product lets them do both easily—and in one place.

  • Say goodbye to expensive design and branding
  • No more multiple logins, complicated tech or sloooooow tech assistance
  • Spend less time on transparency compliance and privacy—get updated on national laws and global trends
  • Gain credibility with donors using our transparency points and ranking
  • Feel good about choosing a provider that aligns with your mission and values
  • Benefit from additional community and tech features (under development)

Our product includes

Website & Hosting

Build your online presence quickly, add features as you go


Refine your logo, visual identity and style—if it's time to do so—for more visibility

Transparency Module
(Can be purchased separately for existing sites)

Meet country-specific requirements and make your documents accessible

Security and privacy

Meet site-required functions and privacy laws

Transparency Point System

Acquire transparency points to increase credibility

Tech support

Get help when you need it

Start your digital transformation now

Get visible, get transparent, get funded

Schedule a meeting

Our transparency point system

Our transparency point system

Transparency is a dynamic and evolving process.

Once a CSO becomes a client, our system provides automatic, ongoing evaluation of their online transparency based on the highest domestic (or local) transparency laws and international standards.

We’re starting in Brazil but aim to go global

We’re starting in Brazil  but aim to go global

We’re starting in Brazil but aim to go global

Why Brazil

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