Starting in Brazil

Our Brazilian-born Founder developed our technology based on his experience with Brazilian CSOs that had a poor or non-existent online presence and lacked digital fundraising tools and transparency.

To meet this need for visibility and transparency, he launched and tested our integrated product in Brazil. Soon after, others joined and—between Copenhagen and San Francisco—CiSo was created as a social enterprise with the mission of empowering civil society to thrive.

While our current focus is Brazil, given the worldwide movements for social impact and for transparency, we aim to grow global.


Website & Hosting

You receive our customizable site and training on our platform's easy-to-use software and features.

You can add features that are included in your plan (or can be purchased) at any time to enhance your online presence.

Transparency Module
(Can be purchased separately for existing sites)

You receive our specialized module that lets you upload and keep all of your financial and other documents in one place. It includes a checklist for—and internal links to—(the) additional, required transparency features (included in our templates).

With your CSO’s information publicly accessible, you’ll gain credibility and fundability, and minimize government audits.

Transparency Point System

As a client, you'll participate in our transparency point system, which is key to increasing credibility. Our system is based on two evaluations: one that is country specific and government compliant and one that’s global and based on best practices.

As you progress, your automatically-calculated points and ranking are reflected in the stamps embedded on your website, and your fundability rises.

How onboarding works

Three easy steps

Schedule a Call


On the call, choose your plan, features and payment type


On your second call, review the finished site and get trained


Use your site to boost Success! Get more features, training as needed

Questions & Answers

Yes, you can migrate. It's easy. Call us.

Also, if you decide to migrate FROM our platform later, please note that you're responsible for re-creating the site's content (as you would upon leaving any platform) on another site before the end of your current billing period. We don't offer FTP access.

We offer technical assistance via our website. You can contact us in the support area of our website.



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CiSoRise is an international company focused on achieving social impact and strengthening civil society, so CiSo is considered a social enterprise. This structure, and the ability to scale our business as well as implement grants, gives us agility to achieve our mission.

Based on our experience so far, it takes between 3-12 months, but the time depends on your team's engagement and effort.

CiSo uses its own technology platform, including training on our software, and add ons that are free or billed by usage (for example, email accounts). You can start with the basics in a website and later expand your features (webinars, landing pages, etc.). Please see our package features, addons and pricing by clicking here.